Back to Work

I’m back from vacation and had a great time in Colorado.  I think I’ve responded to all the emails sent over the last week.  If you still haven’t got a response give me another day or two.  If you don’t hear anything by Monday send it again.  Unfortunately I came home to a limping dog. Took her to the vet the next day and turns out she had bone cancer in one of her front legs.  Luckily after x-rays and a ultrasound there wasn’t any evidence that it had spread anywhere else so as of today I have a 3 legged dog.  5 hours after the surgery she was already up and trying to break out of her kennel.   So for the next few days I’ll be splitting my time between making gear and hanging out at the vet.  For the Lightfighter guys the next round of hearing protection covers should be going out to Troy this weekend.

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