Hearing Protection Covers

Got another large batch of multicam covers out tonight so some of you guys that have been waiting awhile should be hearing from Troy soon.  For those of you who haven’t seen these yet there’s 3 different sizes to fit either the Peltor ComtacsSordin Supreme Pro-X, or the Sordin Supreme Pro. These are made with coated 330 cordura instead of clothing weight material for better wear resistance and I use foam backed Dri-lex on the underside for a little added comfort and moisture wicking capability.  The binding on the edges is done with double folded cordura  instead of webbing and a 5″ piece of loop can  be added on the top for a nametape.  They’re currently available in AOR1, AOR2, Multicam, and ACU.  Other patterns are also available but require the use of a heavier weight cordura. I’m not currently taking any orders directly for these.  All orders must go through “capntroy” on Lightfighter. So far the feedback on these has been great and one even showed up on the cover of the April issue of SWAT magazine.

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5 Responses to Hearing Protection Covers

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  4. C.Porter says:

    Is there any other way I can order some of these outside of the Light fighter site?

  5. octactical says:

    Looks like Troy over Lightfighter is going to be tied up with some other stuff here for a while. He’s going to send the wait list over my way so we can get them rolling again. When he does, I’ll be able to take the orders directly. I’ll post an update when the orders need to all come through me.

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