AI 10rnd Magazine Pouches

I’ll be adding both single and double 10rnd AI magazine pouches to the line up.  Stu from Redtac Gear was nice enough to let me borrow a few magazines to get the dimensions right.  The first singles actually went out a couple months ago and the feedback was great.

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2 Responses to AI 10rnd Magazine Pouches

  1. E Rossler says:

    I found Mike’s website while doing some research for single a AICS pouch. I e-mailed Mike and asked him if he made such a pouch. If I remember correctly, Mike stated something along the lines of, “I don’t know, I never been asked to make a single AICS pouch. But what the heck, why not”. Sure enough a week later I met Mike at the SHOT Show and he gave me a superbly made single pouch, for a great price.

    Since then, I have ordered an additional single AICS pouch from Mike as well as other gear. All his work has been outstanding. I easy recommend Mike for his quality of work and attention to deal.

    One last thing, Stu from Redman Tactical Gear is another great guy. He and Mike put out some of the best equipment there is.

  2. octactical says:

    I appreciate the kind words, it’s nice to hear stuff like this from guys who are out there using the gear for a living. And you’re right on about Stu, couldn’t be a nicer guy.

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