Cobra Duty Belt

After using some of the more popular LE duty belts out there and having them break down on me in some cases after only a few months of use I decided to come up with a basic duty belt that won’t fall apart overnight and still won’t break the bank.   This belt starts with a 2″ AustriAlpin Cobra Buckle, which is the majority of the cost of the belt, but is built to last.  One plus side of the Cobra buckle is that when the time comes for the nylon belt itself to be replaced, the buckle will still be good to go.  So instead of having to buy a whole new belt I can make you a new belt that will use your existing buckle for a much lower cost.

The belt itself is comprised of three layers.  An outside layer of 2″ scuba webbing, a middle layer of 2″ mil-spec 17337 webbing, and an inside layer of  low profile Velcro loop.  This set up is rigid, but still flexible enough to be worn comfortably for 12 hour shifts instead of just 1-2 hours at the range.  The inside layer of loop is compatible with the inner Velcro belts commonly used with most other commercial LE duty belts so there is no need to replace the one you already have, although I will be offering an inner belt for it as well.

Price TBA

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1 Response to Cobra Duty Belt

  1. E. Rossler says:


    Once again, you have thought “outside the box” and come up with a “better and more reliable” piece of equipment that makes sense.

    However, if you keep this up. You are going to run yourself out of business with all of your quality and long lasting products.

    I will keep buying from you though. Your stuff is too go to pass up.

    Stay Safe,

    E. Rossler

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