Lets Talk Targets

I figure since I’ve got a decent amount of people checking in here on a regular basis I might as well give some credit where it’s due for gear and gun related items from sources other then OC Tactical.   That being said, none of this stuff was given to me as freebie’s or with the intent of being reviewed.  It’s all stuff I acquired on my own and like enough to recommend to friends.

Last week I headed out to the desert for a day of shooting and brought some new targets with me to try. First was a pair of Heavy Duty Evil Roy Practice Targets from Action Target. I first saw these at the last Shot Show and figured they would be perfect for heading out to the desert and setting up my own range for the day.  The steel target is attached to a tripod and folds into a relatively small size with a carrying handle on top making it easy to throw in the back of the truck.  When it’s time to set up just grab it by the carrying handle, walk it to the spot you want to put it, unfold the legs, and swing up the arm the target is attached to and you’re ready to go.

The target head is made of AR550 armor steel, which Action Target says “you can shoot it with anything from .22 rimfire to .44 magnum and appropriate rifle rounds* with no damage at all.”  Their definition of appropriate rifle rounds is   “Appropriate rifle rounds are rounds with a velocity of less than 3000 fps.” They also say you shouldn’t shoot the target with rifle rounds at distance under 100 yards.

After reading their recommendation I totally disregarded everything they said and set one up a 50 yards and another at 60 yards and hit each of them with a mix of about 75 -100 rounds of m193 5.56 and 168gr. Black Hills .308.   In the end the targets held up great.  On the 50 yard target I did start to get some divots where multiply rounds had hit in the same spot, but still nowhere near penetrating the target or even causing any back face deformation.

The other new thing I took with me were some target stands made by “bmuoio” on calguns.net and diytactical.com.  These are basically just a metal base that has slots for 3/4″ x 2″ pieces of wood.  The slots also have thumb screws so you can tighten up the wood posts so the target won’t  lean or wobble. He normally makes them 24″ wide, but I had him makes these 19″ wide so I could use military E type silhouettes.  These are light, stable and for $35 a piece a great deal.

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