Some Quick Mirage and Multicam Shots

I’ve been making gear in the Mirage  pattern for a few months now and have really started to like this pattern.  I took a Mirage and Multicam top with me on a shooting trip in the Mojave last week to see how they would compare and must say the Mirage pattern in the desert environment was impressive.   These shots were not meant to be some sort of professional camo comparison, just some quick photos to give an idea of it’s effectiveness.  I didn’t pick the spot to favor one pattern or the other, it just happened to be next to where I parked the truck.  I would have liked to hike around and done a full set of comparison shots, but it was 102 degrees so that wasn’t going to happen.  I originally tossed the tops on some rocks about 20 yards from where we parked and made the comment to the other two people who were busy loading magazines that the camo on the right worked really well.  They both looked over and said wheres the one on the right and started looking all over the place for the second top.  It took a few seconds before they noticed it was right next to the multicam top.  There was also a decent amount of green out there, which obviously favored the multicam. Should be interesting to see how Multicam, Mirage and A-Tacs stand up against each other in the up coming comparison on ITS Tactical.

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4 Responses to Some Quick Mirage and Multicam Shots

  1. Gmmbender says:

    That looks an awful lot like a spot I used to go shooting out past 29 Palms. That Mirage camo looks like it works pretty well in a rocky environment. I’m not sure how SoCal deserts compare to Afghanistan, but that area is very different from the Iraqi mountains and deserts I’ve been to. The old DCU is still a pretty good pattern for those areas.

  2. octactical says:

    You got the spot right, it’s about 30-40 minutes past 29. I’ve been going out there shooting for about 30 years now. Check your email, got a quick question for you.

  3. William says:

    hey that place looks familiar 😉

    quick question: can we purchase MIRAGE camo clothes yet ? I see you have a nice jacket 😉

    • octactical says:

      William, last word I got was that Bulldog is still limiting sales of the uniforms to military and law enforcement. Hopefully that will change soon. In my opinion Mirage is one of the best camo patterns out there and if the uniforms are released for civilian purchase I’m sure it will become one of the most popular ones as well.

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