Credential Holders

I originally made a small run of these to give out to friends at the last Shot Show. Feedback was great and I have since added a second version that has a fully covered front for those needing a little extra security for their ID.

Both styles have a clear vinyl covered front pocket for credentials along with a small pocket sewn behind the vinyl area to hold business cards,  credit cards or smaller ID’s like a drivers license.   Next is a large internal pocket that is accessed from the top and is secured with a velcro flap. On the back side there is a slot for a small notepad, a pen, and business cards.

The holder is made with 500D cordura and the binding on the outside  is done with double folded strips of the same cordura  for a cleaner look.  The 550 cord used to hang the holder around your neck is adjustable/removable and there is also a 5″ piece of loop velcro sewn on the flap for a name tape.

Price for both styles is $40

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2 Responses to Credential Holders

  1. Ronald Woodson says:

    Would the SureFire Pen (EWP-01) fit in the pen pocket? The one I have measures about 5.5″ from tip to top inside of clip.

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