EOD Mk6 Crimper Pouch

These seem to come in waves so when I got the last few orders all at once I decided to take the time and clean the design up a little.  I use to sew an additional piece of webbing to the body to help keep it rigid.  I went ahead and eliminated it and now sew a piece of HDPE plastic into the back of the pouch. Comes out looking nicer and works better. Not a big change, but still a step up from the older style.

I’ve made a few of these for Mission Knife sheaths in the past, but never the MPT.  This sheath was a lot harder to work with then the MPK, so I had to try something new and ended up using shock cord to attach it to the sheath.  Came out solid and like the rest of the design there’s no velcro or snaps to wear out or break.  Just shock cord that can be easily replaced in the field.

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