Ordering Information

As of right I’m no longer going to be except any new orders.  The only exception will be the ongoing back order list for hearing protection covers and military/LE orders on a case by case basis.   In the last couple months I’ve received more orders then I normally do in a year.  As a result I’m spending 2 hours a day just answering emails and it’s still taking me a week to get back to people most of the time.  The current set up just isn’t efficient and it’s taking too much time away from making gear.  So I’m going to be making some changes that will help speed things up and also allow me to work on some new products.   If you already contacted me the order is still good and I’ll get to it as soon as I can.

In the next couple days I should have a store attached to the website. The store will have a live inventory so if it’s in stock you can add it to the cart.  There will be no back orders, just first come first serve.  When stock or new items are added to the store I’ll post announcements on the blog and Facebook to let everyone know.  Once all the current back orders are clear I’ll begin taking on custom orders again and orders for regular items not currently in the store.

The store will also be carrying products from other trusted manufactures and I’ll be working with some other smaller gear makers to create exclusive versions of their products that can’t be purchased anywhere else.

Sorry for the inconvenience, but I have to start making good on past commitments I’ve made, some of which date back pretty far.

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