Red Tac Gear Multicam Ammo and Battery Cards

I worked with my buddy Stu from Red Tac Gear to bring you another exclusive only available at OC Tactical.   I now have Red Tac Gear 20 Round Ammo Cards, Battery Cards, and 8 Round velcro backed Ammo Management Cards in all Multicam.  These all Multicam versions are made using Murdock Webbing and Mil Spec Multicam nylon elastic.  They are in stock and ready to ship and are only available through OC Tactical.

The 20 Round Ammo Cards are a great way to manage your bolt gun ammo.  Each card holds 10 rounds on each side for a total of 20 and are available for either .308 or .338 LM.

The Battery Cards are a perfect way to carry an assortment of spare batteries in your pack, range bag, or car. They are set up to carry (1) 9v, (2) 123, (2)AA, and (2) AAA batteries.

The 8 Round Ammo Management Cards have a velcro backing allowing them to be attached to your Red Tac Ammo Management Platform, pack, chest rig, etc. Available in either a .308 or .338LM version.

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