Cat Trap Tourniquet Holder

The Cat Trap was designed to provide quick access to your C-A-T Tourniquet.  It’s lightweight, has adjustable tension, and is secured to your PALS Webbing without the use of any of the traditional attachment methods.  The shock cord used to adjust the tension weaves through the PALS Webbing and secures the holder to your equipment.  This saves on weight and cost.  The shock cord and ITW Cordloc can also be easily replaced in the field if needed.  Something that can’t be done with holders using traditional elastic.  The inside of the holder is lined with a non-slip material, which provides extra friction to help hold the tourniquet in place. Currently available in Multicam, Coyote 498, Ranger Green and Black.  Price: $6.50  Order Here


An optional adapter (Sold Separately) is also available, allowing the user to mount the holder in a horizontal position. Made of Hypalon, the horizontal adapter weaves through the PALS Webbing and is secured with the shock cord from the Cat Trap holder.  Once again eliminating the need for any of the traditional molle attachment methods.   Horizontal adapters are available in Coyote, Foliage Green, and Black.  Price: $4.50  Order Here

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1 Response to Cat Trap Tourniquet Holder

  1. This works GREAT on a ITS Fatboy med pouch. Best CAT mounting option I’ve used so far.

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